Introducing the partners of Lichfield & Associates

This multi-disciplined partnership, wholly versed in almost every area and sector of matters concerning food, is second to none in its vast area of expertise. The partners alone, between them, represent nearly 250 years of practical experience at the highest levels of food institutions and industries worldwide in the public, private and academic sectors.

The partners

  •  HANS J. BEHRENDS oversees the Latin-American sphere of influence;
  •  STEPHEN CHEN covers the Asian/Pacific Rim sphere;
  •  Dr MUSA S. T. FARROUK, QC, Indian and African affairs;
  •  SHELDON HEPBURN III, the Corporate Americas;
  •  J. FRANZ KAMAL, the eastern European and the Levant;
  •  Dr MARIE-ANTOINE LAPIERRE-DEGAS, North African sphere;
  •  RICHARD LORD LICHFIELD, the European Union; AND
  •  Prof. GEOFFREY R. LOUGH, the Senior Partner, who is also the Chairman & Principal of the LICHFIELD GROUP GLOBAL (LG)

Ex officio



Members of the advisory panel are also members of the Board of Trustees. This Board not only administrates The Lichfield Trust but also acts as an oversight committee in respect of the functions of the Lichfield Group Global.

  • Vivienne BELMONT, Director-in-Chief of Lichfield Press & CEO of Lichfield Enterprises acts as an ex officio liaison to the firm


Meet the chairman (senior partner) of Lichfield Group Global by Richard Lichfield

 Meet our Senior Partner by Richard Lichfield