Enduring statement of mission of the Lichfield Group

 by resolution

“feeding the world’s hungry and preventing global hunger”    

 WHEREAS, the Lichfield Group is an independent, neutral and impartial organisation whose humanitarian mission is to provide food and aid to those in need and to supply them with the assistance in establishing and ultimately maintaining their own self-sustainability; AND

FURTHER, like the International Red Cross, the Lichfield Group, “endeavours to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles;” NOW THEREFORE

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED THAT these guiding humanitarian principles—of our founder—shall prevail over any and all Group members’ activity or activities, AND in which any member of such Group may from time to time become involved.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            by acclamation.


Prof. G R Lough
Chairman & CEO
Lichfield Group Global
Genève, CH—02 SUISSE
DATED at Geneva, this second day of October, 2006.


with all humility, kindness & respect to the memory of M. K. Gandhi;—

We are so fortunate to have experience in our time of a man, and such a one, who spoke and wrote so prolifically on what he referred to as, The Story of my Experiments with Truth.**

It is important to acknowledge this man for he spent his life contemplating and acting upon solutions to our Mission, and so very much more …

** — Gandhi, M. K., The Story of my Experiments with Truth, Phœnix Press, London, 1949

G. R. Lough
Toronto, this sixth day of December, 2011.



Souvenir de Solferino

Souvenir de Solférino by Henri Dunant, courtesy of the ICRC in PDF format