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The corporation

Lichfield Corp. is a global food advisory firm, based in London UK, which draws upon a macro expert network to advance its clients’ interests at the nexus of economics and politics, business and governments.

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Our clients

Lichfield Corp. works with a global client base of corporations, investors, international organizations and governments

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How we help

We work closely with our corporate clients to identify the key political, economic, legal and regulatory factors affecting their commercial interests in complex markets where macro factors often can determine success or failure.

For investors and corporations seeking growth and value, we provide critical macro diligence capabilities that expose hidden risks and reveal unseen opportunities.

In our macro analytical capacity, we ensure the strongest foundation for market entry in emerging markets. As macro advisors, we serve our clients in the equally important execution stage, ensuring that they establish the strongest long-term foothold in a new food market and forge sustainable partnerships with key stakeholders across business and government.


Global Strategic Analysis

 We draw upon a macro expert network to advise our clients on strategy and performance in complex food markets.

For government and institutions, we provide advice and research to complement or benchmark our clients’ own findings, from political, economic and social analysis of key state actors, to transnational food issues such as trade or demographics.



 We deliver actionable intelligence and global food analysis to give corporate and government executives a proven edge in predicting key trends – and preparing for contingencies.


We provide critical macro diligence capabilities that expose hidden risks and reveal unseen opportunities to clients at senior strategic levels in the world network of food industries.

What sets us apart

Our insights and judgments derive from the unique combination of our advisory and analytical teams and a global network of experts with broad experience and deep country and sector knowledge.

We offer uniquely powerful support for clients as they engage with the macro food environment.

Analytical process

Our rigorous analytical process ensures timely, reliable delivery of high-quality geopolitical and macroeconomic

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analysis that is generated and filtered by the best food (and other) experts available.

Internal expertise

Our in-house analysts are experts in their own right. They all hold advanced degrees, and call upon a wide range of prior sectoral and industry experience – from government to international organisations and from finance to energy.

Expert network

Analysis is produced by recognised leaders in their field, experts drawn from our global network of more than 1,100 people to address the most difficult client problems and issues. We take a cross-disciplinary approach, ensuring that we look at a client’s problems from both a sectoral and regional or country perspective.

Understanding our client needs

Our knowledge of clients and their business, coupled with our own expertise, enable us to ask the right questions of the right experts, generating results which answer and anticipate the needs of clients. Our emphasis is always food-related.

Accurate forecasting record

We have an unsurpassed record of making accurate predictions and calls about the macro food-environment. Those events that the world is most concerned about, such as the recent financial crisis, we anticipated and helped clients understand years earlier. Equally, we reassure clients that while some events in the macro food-environment may appear to be paradigm-shifting, they are in fact not.