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 THE PARTNERSHIP acts in the exercise of sole and absolute discretion on behalf of its member clients (or their referrals) as confidential agent or professional adviser. The firm does accept other commissions based upon merit. Nevertheless, consequent upon its humanitarian past and enduring mission, charitable or non-profit organisations are accorded priority. WE not only represent the de facto exclusive presence of Lichfield Group Global on the American continent but also its varied world hunger and educational charitable foundations. WE are a strategic consulting authority which prides itself for fairness and integrity. The firm offers and underwrites a wide variety of professional services including but not limited to the generality of the  following; —


(a) We act and mediate with total impartially. This guiding principle of neutrality permeates all of our work, and therefore, we are frequently asked by the parties to adjudicate disputes within the context of ADR (alternative dispute resolution); thereby circumventing an otherwise  expensive, disruptive and most often time-consuming recourse to legal action.

2.  evaluating safety, sanitation & hygiene; and personnel practices for most off-site food installations and facilities;

(a) We educate, train and offer certification on-site for most ocean-going vessels and oil rigs, either singly or under group contract.

** Experience  has demonstrated the effectiveness of unannounced on-site inspections by an external neutral and impartial authority.

3.  reviewing by way of quality assurance and measuring the professional and pædagogical competence and  performance of culinary/hotel/tourism institutions: — whether universities, colleges, schools or academies (public or private);

4.  developing and implementing strategies for universal humanitarian food-aid distribution, training and administration, including:—

(a) establishing risk analyses, as necessary;

(b) supporting retaining and maintaining lines of supply;

(c) transporting and  insuring (where feasible); AND

(d) distributing said food and aid in a safe and timely fashion to those who are truly in need.

5.  reporting on alimentation worldwide to humanitarian organisations or governments.

WE retain deep respect for all those who work with food and for the protection and integrity of  natural environments and the preservation of pure fresh water global resources. The quality of the food per se — its preparation and service — is paramount in our corporate psyche; and therefore, we are neither solely interested in corporate size nor largesse.

Moreover, our enduring mandate is to provide assistance and aid to all qualified food operations — of all sizes and means — in keeping with our founder’s mission statement and ideals. Accordingly, all our partners offer and commit their services pro bono whenever and wherever circumstances warrant.

  EOS® “Education on Sustainability”™



 L I C H F I E L D  &  A S S O C I A T E S

Besides being the birthplace of  Dr Samuel Johnson, this ancient and unusual
Cathedral City of Lichfield is at the centre of the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.
 - Lichfield Cathedral, photograph courtesy of the Lichfield Estate                                                     — photograph courtesy of the Lichfield Estate.
The beautiful major magical and mystical River Trent winds her way gently almost imperceptibly, ineluctably, around the Lichfield Cathedral with its rare trilogy of spires

Introducing the partners

This multi-disciplined partnership, wholly versed in almost every area and sector of matters concerning food, is second to none in its vast area of expertise. The partners alone, between them, represent nearly 250 years of practical experience at the highest levels of food institutions and industries worldwide in the public, private and academic sectors.

External advisers and contributors

Like the London-based Corporation, the partnership also draws upon a macro expert network to advance its clients’ interests at the nexus of economics and politics, business and governments.

LICHFIELD  & ASSOCIATES is permanently retained as Special Counsel to The Lichfield Group Global (LGG) at Geneva CH-02 Switzerland, wherein its Strategic Research Policy Institute (SRPI) — an independent think-tank advising upon food and nourishment worldwide — initiates commissions investigates and performs new and original research.

  • Data are analysed, undergo sophisticated study and rigorous selection. Future policy recommendations are passed for deliberation to and possible implementation by the International Committee of the Lichfield Group (ICLG).

Toronto skyline

Lichfield & Associates operates seamlessly through its Toronto offices, while maintaining close ties with the, London-based, Lichfield Corporation UK.

Toronto has always proved an excellent secure and important hub — with its networked regularly-scheduled and reliable airline services — for the expedient transaction of pan-American business.


Toronto streetcar at twilight…

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